Future Fun Baking Adventures.

I am really excited to start baking keto friendly foods, I plan to make some almond pastry this week and look into healthy keto breakfast ideas, I am thinking of baking some pancakes for breakfast using almond and coconut flour. I think these would be fun and great ways to put some variation into my breakfast routine. I am also a huge lover of bellinis and would like to try to make some to eat with one of my fave things, I am sure they’re not for everyone but for me they are fantastic and delicious, Fish eggs.

I am hoping to find good ways of balancing my life with Keto lifestyle diet as I would like this to be something which is long lasting. Understanding that whilst I am giving up alcohol at the moment my birthday is less than a month away and I do wish to celebrate this with my favourite drink gin! I am going to look into which mixers are carb free or carb low and calculate a good balance for celebrating. I wish to make Keto a great balance and will eventually look into festival friendly foods as this is what I work and perform in of a summer.

Please do check out my twitter page for more information as I have a lot of photos of delicious food. I plan to turn them all in recipes for here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 21.28.12.png


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