Long lost keto!

Alice, what happened? You lost two stone you loved keto you got back into circus training and then you realised you could not do a low carb diet and train full time at circus school…

Ok so this is what happened, circus training is my dream is my ambition and as a professional fire performer dancer and circus practitioner I realised I could not do low carb, I would crash halfway through a session and I had no more energy to go one. So I gave up on keto because I was two stone down and I believed I could maintain the weight loss. Which was stupid because now I write this 2+ stone back up. I am frustrated with myself for not researching the keto work outside of things a lot better. This time I am going to do just that. I am not going to give in at the first hurdle not that I did last time but this time I need to stick with it and I want to. I also know what I need to do better this time and I am willing to make sure I put in the effort. I have some serious feet issues and need an operation on both feet which is why I had to give up training for a little while. I am planning on using the recovery time to fix my knowledge gap on how to train and do exercise whilst on keto. One platform I have grown to love over the past few months is Youtube I love the peer knowledge of others sharing their advice, what works and what doesn’t and even just their journeys. I might jump in on this I need to see how I feel I am pretty camera shy. But we shall see!!!

So what do I plan to get out of using this blog? Well, it’s motivation to help myself and possibly others on our journey through keto. I found this out from a friend and she has had amazing success on this for around two years now. She’s keto optimal and that’s amazing. I want to get there and I want in on that fat optimising of the body. I also have PCOS which means I am insulin resistant, I shall go over this more within another blog but it basically means that I am unable to process the important hormone that controls many processes in the body. Insulin is a hormone secreted by an organ called the pancreas, Its main role is to regulate the number of nutrients circulating in the bloodstream. Although insulin is mostly implicated in blood sugar management, it also affects fat and protein metabolism. When we eat a meal that contains carbohydrates, the amount of blood sugar in the bloodstream increases. This is sensed by the cells in the pancreas, which then release insulin into the blood.  Insulin travels through the bloodstream, telling the body’s cells that they should pick up sugar from the blood.Basically the cells, despite the presence of insulin in the bloodstream, don’t become unlocked and don’t let enough of the glucose in the blood into the cells. This leads to reduced amounts of sugar in the blood and puts it where it is intended to go, into the cells for use or storage. In other words, they become “resistant” to the insulin.

I plan to do some research on other blogger & Vloggers to see how other people cope with having PCOS and whilst doing keto. I shall be researching what works and what doesn’t. Whilst I might not always provide accurate content it will be my own experience on what is happening. I travel a lot and have been to six countries within the past few weeks. I am going to research how people can stay in keto and how to eat out whilst maintaining a balanced healthy diet and staying in ketosis. I hope you all help support and can take something from me doing this. today is day one. I am excited I am energised and I am ready to do this. I want my happy slim figure back and I am going to get it. I shall also post my workouts and ideas of whats best to lose weight whilst doing this diet. with my experience within dance I know I will be able to add this to my blog with positive affect for both others and myself.

Please do check out my twitter page for images and daily updates on what I am getting up to. Follow me here.

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