I’m Back!

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I haven’t forgotten about my site but I have been busy travelling. I have had some amazing wonderful adventures in my ambulance via planes and trains. I’ve been to the Netherlands and driven through to Belgium and France. And just recently I flew to Vienna and hopped the train to Slovakia and explored the historical city of Bratislava, such a beautiful amazing place and well worth visiting if you’re looking for a European adventure which is affordable. So your most likely thinking travelling and keto don’t mix, right? Oh but they do! Don’t get me wrong I had a few treats including a day a delicious ice cream but this is the thing with keto you have to be realistic. You cannot punish yourself for having a treat or thinking you have failed. This is a life style change and a hard one to say the least. If I am planning on a guilty treat I factor in a long walk or exercise to counterbalance the treat.

So how I did keto whilst travelling… If I had an apartment and access to cooking facilities I took full use of this. I also learnt some tips and tricks that I shall share with you for ketoing on the go. Most apartments don’t have salt and pepper and basic cooking ingredients so I had to make sure I took my own. Things like omelettes for breakfast were fantastic! I mixed them up making spinach and cheese some days and other days adding things like pre-boiled broccoli and cheese which was absolutely delicious. for lunch on the go, I tended to opt for the fish dish and either asked for a side of vegtables or salad. With all the sightseeing and exploring I made sure I stayed hydrated and drank lots of water. I had roughly three coffees a day using two in the afternoons as bathroom breaks and much-needed pit stops and small rests. I also found most places served whipped cream with coffees and noted this as an option if people would be looking for additional energy throughout the day. Personally, I like my coffee just black with nothing added to it but that’s just my personal preference. For snacks, I carried nuts and sugar-free sweets. Planning ahead really helps and finding local supermarkets to stock up on your essentials. If I had the option of cooking of an evening I tended to opt for either chicken or turkey and I baked them removing the skin once cooked. If I was eating out again I tended to stick to the lean meats or fish and asking to change the carbs for salad. if drinking alcohol I tended to stick to either dry prosecco and only had a glass or two or clear spirits. In my mind, there is no point being healthy and focused only to lose it all on holiday. Allowing treats is a great way to enjoy them. Falling off the diet and eating everything isn’t ever going to help in the long run or with the mindset needed.

If you follow my twitter account you will see all the wonderful things I have been cooking and what I have been up to. I plan to get the images and tweets written into recipe cards to give people ideas and inspiration. This week I shall be posting a recipe each day. I am also working on two new posts which I shall get up as soon as possible.

I have had some interesting conversations within the past few months with people who are just ketophobic and dislike the idea of cutting crabs out. Whilst it’s frustrating I understand it. There isn’t much out there to help educate people on the side affects and health issues of eating carbs and processed foods. I found a documentary on Netflix called the Magic Pill it’s worth watching to see how the diet can change peoples lives and health issues.

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