About Alice

 I recently came across research that both scared me and made me determined. Researchers have suggested that nearly 50% of women with PCOS will develop Type 2 Diabetes before they are 40. It’s a statistic that scares me but I am determined not to be a part of. This blog is snowballing into a place and hub of information for myself and others with PCOS and looking for solutions and answers to many questions. Follow me on my journey as I learn to post and blog about everything keto and PCOS and how I manage to change myself along the way. My aim is to transition to a low carbohydrate diet and help get my health back on track.

here’s a little information into who I am and what I have done

I’m a/ was a professionally trained professional dancer. I started my professional career in 2002 aged 14 since then I have gone on to perform all around the world including being an Elf in Lapland and performing at Burning Man. I have achieved so many amazing moments and been part of spectacular events such as the Common Wealth Games and the UCI Track World Championships. I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life and I have never been able to maintain a healthy weight. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was twenty-one. I knew little about it and didn’t really understand what it was other than I was told I will struggle to conceive and have children. I am now thirty and am just starting to understand what insulin resistance is and how my diet affects my PCOS I plan to transition and adapt back to a low carb lifestyle and push myself fitness wise to get back to being a professional dancer. I lost two stone doing Keto but struggled once I began training full time within circus training. I realised I needed carbs or some sort of energy within my diet. I was sure I would be able to keep the weight off which just wasn’t the case. This blog is to help myself and others by doing research and writing blogs on questions and facts about both Keto and PCOS.

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